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Taking your static Nuxt 3 + Nuxt Content site from Netlify to Cloudflare pages


If you, like me, have read this post, you probaly got pretty scared about hosting your static sites on Netlify. Long story short: someone who hosted a page on Netlify was the victim of a DDOS attack, and an mp3 file they hosted on Netlify got requested repeatedly, resulting in terabytes of data transfer, and was then charged $100k for the honours, upon opening a ticket the bill was dropped to $5k, finally when the Reddit post went viral, they got off for free.

The possibility of a sudden traffic spike onto some big file resource you haven’t thought about and the next thing you know you’re legally liable for thousands, unless you manage to make enough noise, is not a risk I’d like to leave myself open to.

So, I did some provider window shopping, and found that Cloudflare Pages offers a similar service, with the benefit of no network limits in the free tier. Let’s get migrating.

Starting the migration process

The first thing you’ll experience by creating your Cloudflare account is not knowing where to click due to the amount of buttons, their product offering is huge so it does feel a little bit more daunting than Netlify. Anyway, what you wanna do is head over to Workers and Pages, and click Create application, pick the Pages tab and connect to your static site Github repo.

You can copy over your build settings from Netlify, but I had to do some boring trial and error, which I have left out of this text, and ended up with the following config:

My Cloudflare Page build config My Cloudflare Page build config

The blight of the Nitro preset for Cloudflare Pages

I couldn’t get the build running, even though it was perfectly happy deploying the site on Netlify, what was different? In theory it should be the same build right? Wrong! Here’s the error you’ll get without making any changes:

Error: Failed to publish your Function. Got error: Your Functions script is
over the 1 MiB size limit (workers.api.error.script_too_large)

Function? I’m deploying a static site, why does Cloudflare Pages think I’m deploying a function? Scrolling up a bit in the build log I found this:

[info] [nitro] Building Nitro Server (preset: `cloudflare-pages`)

So a Nuxt content static site is built using Nitro, it walks through the routes and generates each page and compiles it to a static resource.

Now it turns out that Cloudflare Pages has provided a specific preset for Nitro, to run Nuxt apps as serverless functions, fantastic! Except we’re trying to deploy a static site and don’t have any functions, and this preset is getting applied by default, that’s why our build worked on Netlify, but not on Cloudflare Pages. Time to update our nuxt.config.ts and explicitly set what preset we want to use:

nitro: {
  preset: 'static',

Et voilà, Cloudflare Pages now stops trying to build a serverless app, and accepts it’s a static site.

I’m not sure if you will have this problem, but I thought I’d cover it just in case. So my yarn generate command would not exit, the build process would remain running indefinitely. This is probably because the Nuxt SSR flag is not explicitly set to false. However, enabling this flag breaks the Nuxt Content documentDriven mode, resulting in an empty site. So I needed to ensure the build process properly exits and Cloudflare continues to deploy the build.

I could achieve this with the following hook in my nuxt.config.ts

  hooks: {
    close: () => {

See this Github issue thread for reference.

Finally it deploys + Conclusion

At this stage deploys are working, moving the DNS over to Cloudflare was easy, head over into the Custom domains tab on your page, add your domain, and then it should be a matter of changing the name servers to point from Netlify to Cloudflare.

From an end user perspective I was very impressed by the load times with the app now hosted on Cloudflare, their compression tech has led to quicker page loads than before, I experience a significant visual difference from before when opening the site uncached.

All in all the migration was a good experience, once you iron out the quirks of nitro presets. Plus, now I don’t have to worry about losing tons of money either which makes me sleep better at night.

Any questions/comments/suggestions? Feel free to get in touch via: [email protected]